Feb 15

Midnight in Paris – Fine Art Photography Tutorial Promo

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Feb 15

Biology students loving wildlife photography

Typical biology classes in college require a great deal of memorization. But, at the Maryville College, they have found a unique course to teach students about the world around them by securing photographic memories.

Maryville Colleges professor of biology and wildlife photography Dr. Drew Crain said that this is not only a science class. And it is not just an art class. It is an art-meets-science class. For around 10 years, Crain has introduced a course which develops a great understanding of biology by offering students exposure via lenses of high quality shooters to click wildlife.

Crain told that they are not photography majors. Many of them, the closest they have come to taking a great photo is taking their iPhone out at a concert. With technology today, people could take a good snap. His challenge to these students is to take great shots. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Pixel Art Photography

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Dec 14

Photo -Art

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Dec 14

Brave children pose for under water photo shoot

Miami based photographer Adam Opris, 31, did a commendable job when he did an underwater photo shoot for children.

This was a unique photo shoot as children posed with different props and objects that revealed a new side of their personality. The little ones had a whale of a time in the blue waters bubbling with joy and shooting playfully. It was a spectacular sight to see them enjoying thoroughly and making prominent a trait of their personality, be it their skill in gymnastics, desire to be a mermaid or ambition of becoming a warrior.

The picturesque galore of images shot by Opris was mesmerizing. In one of the shoots a boy was clad bravely in armor, showing off his mighty sword to the camera. Another colorful image was that of a little girl performing gymnastics. In another fun shot a girl fulfilled her desire and dressed up as a mermaid. A young boy in one of the shoots shows off his musical skills by blowing into the saxophone enthusiastically. In another shot a boy poses as a duck while another stylish kid reveals his pair of colorful shades.

The shoot that the children immensely enjoyed were the ones conducted in their own swimming pools. Each child enjoyed to the core. Mr.Opris stated that he wanted to capture their childhood memories and lively nature. He further said that he wanted his clients to have fun and cherish these wonderful moments. He had started taking underwater photographs of pregnant women two years ago and presently captures underwater photographs of children and wedding couples. This idea is new and innovative and allows one to derive and cherish the pleasures of life.

Nov 14

#41 Fine Art Photography Weekly: Seeing Photographically

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Oct 14

Fine Art Photography Portfolio

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