Works of Ken Graves Will Be Showcased at Anglim Gilbert Gallery of San Francisco

An exhibition named as The Home Front is scheduled for 8th October of 2016. Anglim Gilbert Gallery of San Francisco will organize the event.

Professional photographer Ken Graves’ works will be displayed in the show. According to the organizers, this show will serve as the tribute to the yesteryears’ artist who was a collage artist and a photographer at the same time, enriching the art of photography to a great extent in the last fifty years in his own unique ways.

The organizers have arranged a good collection of his pictures for this exhibition. Some of the pictures date back to the era of sixty, when graves completed his courses in San Francisco Art Institute. His photography was inspired by his close observation of people, especially in a time zone when the entire society was going through a change.

He proficiently captured the pictures of the San Francisco people. The lifestyle was somewhat different then and the strangeness attracted him to take snaps of the time. Visitors will be delighted to see the gelatin prints that date back its origin to the last legs of sixties to early eighties. Graves also has a reputation of creating beautiful collage with precision and dexterity. So, the organizers are real hopeful because they believe that all the photographs will be appreciated by art connoisseurs who will be attending the exhibition. They also believe that it is going to be a memorable experience for the visitors.

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